Alternative Energy Sources And The Rising Need For Power Management Switches.

When most people think of alternative power sources, they tend to use Generator, Inverter, as well as Solar power as options to go for owing to the fact that Utility Power Supply (Mains) may not be reliable especially in such a country as Nigeria. More so, Technologies have evolved massively which depend largely on these alternative power sources for  homes and offices. Some people have as much as four or more alternative power sources which requires various types or sizes of power transfer switches  (ATS/Changeover), while some have just two power…

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Electrokristron Automatic Changeover

How Much Money Do Power Outages Cost Your Business?

Any amount of downtime during what you thought was going to be a normal business day affects operations, productivity and of course, your profit. The longer your business is without power, the more time and resources are wasted, not to mention losing business from potential leads, sales, and other revenue sources. It is estimated that businesses relying on power for their operations lose lots of money annually due to power outages. Additionally, the average power outage in commercial buildings each week  in Nigeria for instance, lasts anywhere between three hours…

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Automatic Phase Changer (automatic PHCN Cutout Changer) For Your Property/office.

If you live in an area where power supply is erratic and you are faced with the task of frequently manually changing your mains (PHCN or NEPA) cutout from one failing phase to another, then you need an ELECTROKRISTRON AUTOMATIC PHASE CHANGER! Electrokristron Automatic Phase Changer is an intelligent unit that monitors all phase supplies (3 phases) to your apartment, shop or office. It connects you to the public power supply on any of the other available phase connections. On the event of power outage or phase failure on the…

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The many benefits of an ATS over an MTS

1. An Automatic Change Over Switch ( ATS) can be designed to monitor incoming voltage levels for public utility power (MAINS). This is to ensure that the amount of voltage that comes from your mains supply source (NEPA/PHCN in Nigeria for instance) is good enough for your apartment/office or equipment. It protects against over-voltage or under-voltage entering into your electrical loads or equipment. This can not be compared to your MTS that will  just transfer any voltage ether low or high from the incoming power source power source to your…

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