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Essentially, Electrokristron ATS units have two main functions and sometimes, extended ones too:

  1. Automatic Power Transfer: This involves power transfer to Load from between two or more sources. For instance, when Mains fails, ATS falls back on Gen and when mains returns, Load is transferred back to Mains.
  2. Gen Ignition Control (Gen AutoStart / AutoStop): This automatically starts connected Gen on Mains outage and also stops Gen when Mains returns.
  3. Extended functions: These are additional features determined by extra options the User requests to be part of the ATS design using EPBWiz

Yes. To handle both generators as well as your Mains power supply source (totaling 3 power sources), you need a 3-in-1 ATS.

3-in-1 here means, 3 power sources being handled by 1 ATS box.

The ATS must be rated for your maximum load on Mains or any other available power source that takes the most load.

This depends on your Gen ignition type.

For instance, some generators are equipped with micro-controllers with soft touch buttons for starting and stopping the Gen. This type may also be equipped with REMOTE START terminals, ready for connection to your ATS.

On the other hand, some Gen types may require turning a key to start, turning a switch or pushing a button.

We must not forget to mention that there are others that may require the User to mechanically pull a recoil starter to start.

As you will imagine, different generator ignition systems require different approaches towards automating them with an ATS.

In general, there are six different categories of generator ignition systems and Electrokristron ATS units are designed to work with all of them except one category which only works with mechanical start and stop.

As long as your generator’s ignition is based on electrical principles, it can be controlled by an ATS.

For graphical details about Gen types classification and to see if your Gen ignition type is compatible for automation with Electrokristron ATS units, click here.

Using Electrokristron Product Builder Wizard (EPBWiz), you can either configure your ATS design as a 1-Phase unit or a 3-Phase unit.

3 Phase power supplies (Red, Yellow and Blue phases) can ONLY be handled by a 3-Phase ATS or Changeover switch.

1 Phase power supplies on the other hand have the freedom to be handled either by 1-Phase ATS / Changeover or by 3-Phase ATS / Changeover.

Using a 3-Phase ATS / Changeover for 1 phase power supply is made possible by the fact that the single phase power supply can be looped (jumpered) across the 3-Phase power input terminals of the ATS or Changeover switch.

If you have multiple independent power sources where at least one is 3-Phase and the others are 1-Phase supplies, you MUST use a 3-Phase ATS or Changeover switch.

Yes, if the Gen has warmed up already and is still warm from earlier use.

Also, you may ask your generator Mechanic to install  AUTO CHOKE on the Gen in place of the manual one.

This will help eliminate the need for manually choking the Gen every other time you need to run the Gen. It will also make automation with the ATS easier and more effective.

To install the ATS, you need three (3) different sets of cables:

  1. Power (supply) cables / wires
  2. Load (output) cables / wires
  3. Control cable / wires

Power cables are the set of cables bringing the various power supplies (Mains, Gen1, Gen2 etc) to the ATS power input terminals. These usually comprise of thick wires typically 16mm2.

Load cables are the set of cables or wires leading out from the ATS to the building, apartment or loaded equipment. These also comprise of thick cables typically 16mm2.

Control cables on the other hand are 1mm2 light duty cables or wires running from the Gen AutoStart/AutoStop terminals of the ATS to the Gen ignition terminals on the generator.

The control lines allow the ATS to communicate with the gen and hence control it as needed.

Electrokristron products come with well detailed Installation Guide, User Manuals with  diagrams and pictures that say it all.

Installing the product is easy and can be done by your Electrician or an experienced Technical Personnel.

Installation steps are well outlined and easy to follow.

However, should there be any challenges before or during installation, you may reach us on phone or by WhatsApp for a quick advisory and support.

See typical User Guides and Installation Manuals here.

This actually depends of the choice of the individual or end User, especially with reference to the kind of use they need the ATS for.

Instant transition response is super fast, typically 0.1 Sec and allows your electronics and other equipment keep running even as the ATS switches power sources.

However, a User may prefer the delayed transition switching method in which the ATS delays for about 2.5 Sec before transferring back from say, Gen to Mains.

In this case, all equipment completely go off, allowing back EMF pulses from inductive loads to decay, before switching back on.

While the delayed transition might be safer for some sensitive loads or equipment, the instant transition allows more convenience, for instance, your cabletv decoder  keeps running as the ATS switches and light bulbs only blink, no blackouts.

But then, it is all a matter of User preference.

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