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Alternative Energy Sources And The Rising Need For Power Management Switches.

When most people think of alternative power sources, they tend to use Generator, Inverter, as well as Solar power as options to go for owing to the fact that Utility Power Supply (Mains) may not be reliable especially in such a country as Nigeria.

More so, Technologies have evolved massively which depend largely on these alternative power sources for  homes and offices. Some people have as much as four or more alternative power sources which requires various types or sizes of power transfer switches  (ATS/Changeover), while some have just two power sources to choose from.

Whichever is the case,  at Electrokrisrtron Power Systems, we have designed and developed power management products to help you automate the change-over process.

Electrokristron Power Systems is an Organisation that centers on designing, constructing and setting up automation products or systems that help you meet your various power management needs.

At Electrokristron, Our Automatic Transfer Switches are configured and programmed  to fit in different modes of operation inclusive of a network of contactors, timers and devices that are installed to monitor and control incoming voltage. The ATS monitors the incoming power voltage and when it senses that the voltage has dropped below or above the preset threshold, it turns up the backup power which could either be a standby Generator, an Inverter or a Solar power unit. And when the Utility Power is restored, the transfer switch will then transfer back automatically. It will Instruct the generator to  to turn off, after a specified amount of cool down time with no load on the generator.

The ATS functions in such a way that it provides constant electrical power supply to the Facility loads (during power outage) from the standby generator  without back-feeding that can damage the utility equipment’s  and hurt Utility workers.

This does not stop here, as our various products are configured based on clients demand.

Some of such user specifications includes but not limited to the following:

(1). Gen scheduling timers, allowing gen(s) to operate only at specific periods of the day or for rotating 2 or more generators automatically
2. Gen run-time (duration) timers, allowing the gen(s) to run for a certain duration of time, example 4 hours, thereafter shutdown automatically
3. Electrokristron Inverter Battery Interface Module, EIBIM  (battery voltage monitoring unit), allowing your ATS to automatically start the gen when Inverter battery voltage level drops to a preset threshold, set by you.
4. Inclusion of Manual (Bypass) switches, allowing the bypass of the ATS automatic power transfer function, useful in emergencies
5. Inclusion of various other accessories and functionalities, based on request, tailored to suit your power management needs better.


  • (1) Power Management Solutions
  • (2) Automation
  • (3) Control
  • (4) Electrical/Electrical Designs
  • (5) Automatic Transfer Switch
  • (6) Inverter Interface Modules
  • (7) Timing Systems
  • (6) Solar Power Units.

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