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Benefits You Enjoy with Some of Our Products:
  1. Automatic power transfer to Loads or building by ATS
  2. ATS automatically Starts and Stops your Gen
  3. ATS Gen Timer inclusion to Start/Stop Gen when desired
  4. Public utility Mains automatic phase selection
  5. Start/stop Gen wirelessly, manually or automatically
  6. EIBIM starts Gen automatically when Inverter battery gets low
  7. Extra features you specify gets built into product
Our Products Range Include:
  • Automatic Transfer Switches, ATS (Automatic Changeover)
  • Automatic Phase Selector Panels
  • Electrokristron Inverter Battery Interface Modules (EIBIM)
  • Active DB Panels (Daylight, Time or Voltage responsive DB)
  • DB – ATS Combo Panels
  • Voltage and Phase Monitors
  • MTS – ATS Combo Panels
  • Street Light Control Panels
  • Wireless Gen Control Boxes
  • Gen Timing Boxes
  • A host of other custom-made products, as requested by our esteemed customers

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Our Commitment

At Electrokristron Power Systems, we are committed to solving your power management needs. To this end, we provide effective custom tailored automation solutions as well as power management products and services to our esteemed clients such as yourself. Welcome.

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From Some of Our Clients

Popoola Sola

Simply Fantastic!
“I don’t usually leave a review but this company must be commended. Chris and his team are doing a fantastic work on their ATS products and as well offer excellent customer service.
In December 2019, after the initial enquiry, I bought an ATS from the company (Electrokristron). The ordering was easy, delivery and installation was quick as promised. The product was exactly what I wanted and at a reasonable price.
The after sale service was superb and equal to none. Whenever I have any questions about the product, the team is always happy to help and solution provided within a reasonable time.
I will definitely recommend this company anytime.”
– Sola Popoola | Proud owner, Electrokristron 200A Automatic Transfer Switch


Wariso IbifubaraReliable!
“His solutions are reliable and work as described.
His after-sales support is supper! I recommend him anyday. Thanks Chris.”

– Ibifubara Wariso | LinkedIn

GuruManiaGreat Service!
“I have been using them for 5 years now and will recommend their products to anyone. Great customer support, quality materials and very easy to use …”

– Guru O Mania | Facebook

Electrokristron Video:

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Automatic Transfer Switch ATS from ElectroKristron Power Systems – By user, Cashino NDT

How EIBIM Auto-Starts the Gen when your Inverter Battery gets low | For ATS / Automatic Changeover

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