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Electrokristron Smart Remote Box

Sometimes, we all just appreciate some extra convenience with home automation.

Introducing Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit, ES-GCU

ES-GCU is an electronic solution that comes as an attachment to your new or existing ATS in other to further streamline any power management automation you may already have in place.

It makes it possible for you to control your Generator from anywhere in the world and at anytime through the power of Internet and WIFI connectivy.

With ES-GCU and an ATS for your Gen, automating your home’s power management setup makes life easier for the family.
Enjoy remaining in control even when you are far away from home!

* Start/Stop your Generator wirelessly and automatically or manually through Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit (ES-GCU)
* Control Gen through App on your Smartphone
* Gen Starts automatically when Mains (NEPA/PHCN) fails and shuts down automatically when Mains returns
* Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android SmartPhones and Tablets
* Internet 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI Connectivity
* With voice commands
* Control and view working status of Gen from anywhere in the world
* Set daily or weekly time schedule (Schedule Timer) for Gen operation. Example, Run from 6am-8.30am Mon-Fri every week.
* Set Countdown Timer (Duration Timer) for Gen operation. Example, Set 30Mins and Gen shuts down automatically after 30 Minutes duration ends
* Connect and use with your existing Automatic Changeover (ATS) or with a new one
* Gen AutoStart Setting: Auto / Manual mode operation based on User’s choice
* Compatible with EIBIM for Inverter battery voltage monitoring. Gen Starts automatically when Inverter battery voltage gets low.
* So much more possible, just speak with us…


Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit

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