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EPBWiz – Helping you design your ATS just the way you want it

EPBWiz is short for Electrokristron Product Builder Wizard.

It is a special  ATS configuration wizard on our website designed to help our customers configure and put together multiple options and features that best suit their power management needs.

At Electrokristron Power Systems, we understand that different end user have varying needs. Suffice is to say a particular ATS design may not meet the power management needs of our various customers and prospective end users.

While shopping for a suitable Automatic Transfer Switch on our online shop, EPBWiz eases the shopping process and reduces the product search time dramatically by presenting you with a list of options and features that you may want to include in your custom ATS product order.

These options and features when put together by EPBWiz based on your preferences and selections form the PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS of your ATS custom design request.

Once your order is confirmed, our design and construction department set to work, using your customized product specifications submitted through EPBWiz to build your ATS or related products right away.

The process is further streamlined for better user experience by looking at and implementing any additional custom request notes that you may have submitted along with the product specifications, all through EPBWiz.

For instance, while you may ask in the product specifications that your ATS be built with a GEN SCHEDULING TIMERS, in the custom request notes, you may ask that we program the Timers to schedule your two (2) generators in such a manner that Small Gen runs from 4.30am – 8.30am while Big Gen runs from 7.00pm till 1.00am. This means that asides incorporating Gen scheduling function (Timers) in your custom ATS design, the ATS will come already programmed to rotate the use of your two generators based on your time preferences, given that Mains power is not available at those times.

The EBPWiz options menus also allows you to make informed decision as it displays the cost implications of your custom ATS order based on your chosen option. You can simply up-build your ATS for best options or down-build with fewer options for an ATS that meets your budget. Either way, you are in control, as you can always add more options or reduce accordingly to meet your budget and power management needs.

What is more, EPBWiz calculates the total value (total price) of your order on the fly (instantly) as you add or reduce options and features. Clicking the ADD TO CART button at the bottom of the EPBWiz page adds your product to the cart and takes you to the CHECKOUT page, allowing you to confirm your order.

The timeline from when an order is confirmed to when we deliver the finished product to you is typically between 4 to 10 business days. Deliveries within Lagos are usually faster while those to other regions in Nigeria may take a little longer than 4 days.

Click here now to configure your customized ATS order using EPBWiz


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