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www.electrokristron.com is an online shop operated by Electrokristron Power Systems, an indigenous electrical/electronics engineering company based in Nigeria. 

The company offers custom built products and services tailored to meet specific customer needs.

In a nutshell, Electrokristron.com sells products and services built from ground up based on specific orders and requests from our esteemed customers especially in Nigeria.

Though the products are ‘Made in Nigeria’ goods, nonetheless, they are made with imported parts.

We accept payments in Nigerian Naira (NGN).

However, our secure payment gateway, PAYSTACK, makes it possible for us to receive payments made in  international currencies such as Euro, Pound Sterling (GBP) and the US Dollar (USD).

When a customer pays with their international credit/debit cards bearing the MasterCard or VisaCard logo, the payment is converted automatically and remitted to us in Naira.

Paystack applies the current foreign exchange rates in respect of the transaction as at the time of payment.

Making payments for goods and services online has never been easier.

On electrokristron.com, you can make payments through different simple and convenient methods.

We currently support three (3) methods of payment. These are:

  1. Credit/Debit cards
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Paystack payments

Credit/Debit card payments: We accept payments made with cards bearing MasterCard, VisaCard and Verve logos. These payments can be made either in Nigerian currency, the Naira (NGN), or in international currencies, such as Euro, Pound Sterling (GBP) and the US Dollar (USD).

Our secure payment gateway, PAYSTACK, ensures error free transactions and remits payments to us in Naira. 

Bank transfers: Customers are able to make payment transfers to us through bank transactions using available channels such as ‘Internet banking’, ‘Mobile banking’, cash deposits and so on.

Paystack payment interface offers bank payment option alongside card payments.

Paystack payments: This method allows Paystack account owners to make payments directly from their Paystack account balance.

At the moment, no.

We are currently working on getting well trained and qualified agents in different parts of Nigeria.

We also plan to start setting up branches in various parts of the country soon.

At present, we are located at Morogbo within the Agbara/Badagry axis of Lagos state (See us on the map).

Our primary target  as a Nigerian startup is the Nigerian market, our home front.

We deliver customer orders through the following four channels within Nigeria:

  1. Cargo Service Companies
  2. Transport Service Companies
  3. Direct Doorstep deliveries
  4. Local pickups

Cargo service companies: We use the services of 3rd party cargo delivery (logistics)  companies such as DHL and ABC CARGO EXPRESS to deliver products to our customers.

Transport service companies: In situations where this channel is more desirable by the customer, especially because of its OVERNIGHT delivery feature, we do use the services of 3rd party transport companies for ‘quick’ deliveries. Some of such service providers include YOUNG SHALL GROW MOTORS, IZUCHUKWU MOTORS and so on.

Direct (doorstep) deliveries: This is specially for our customers in Lagos state and environs. In this case, we deliver directly to them if agreed upon as the delivery method.

Local pickups: In this case, a customer sends someone down to collect the order on their behalf at our office.

You got other questions on your mind about our delivery methods? Ask here.


Larger capacities are essentially for businesses, worship houses, hotels, factories and so on.

Such large premises require ATS capacities ranging from 400Amps upwards, sometimes up to 3,500Amps.

These industrial sized ATS panels often need extra features added, which could include a stated number of outgoing load segmentation breakers and multiple Gen rotation option.

For these series of ATS panels,  specific feature requests have to be made by the client to arrive at the right solution.

Get in touch with us for a quote on your industrial ATS needs here.


Technical training courses are available.


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We understand that different customers have different challenges and needs.

If you have other questions that need specific answers, kindly ask them here or post them in our open support forum.

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