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Zizzling Hot Customer Video Review of ATS Product! - By User Cashino

Many thanks to one of our esteemed customers, who goes by the YouTube ID ‘Cashino‘, for his amazing video review of our services and products.

When he promised us he was going to do a personal video review of the ATS panel we sold him, we thought he was pulling our legs. However, after a few weeks of using the product, he made good his promise and uploaded his (candid) review of Electrokristron Power Systems as an organisation and his installed Electrokristron ATS product, right on his YouTube VBlog (Video Blog) channel  with a BANG!

We are grateful he not only shared the video link with us, he also permitted us to publish and share the link on our website.
Take a look and see for yourself…

Link to his Photography VBlog YouTube channel: Here

How EIBIM Auto-Starts the Gen when your Inverter Battery gets low | For ATS / Automatic Changeover

Electrokristron Inverter Battery Interface Module (EIBIM) is a communication module or an interface between your Inverter battery bank and an Automatic Changeover Switch (ACS) or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). It automatically starts the Gen when Inverter batteries voltage get low.

It enables the ATS or Automatic Changeover to place on hold (Pause) the Gen Auto-Start feature which is supposed to automatically start your generator on Mains power outage. Additionally, it continously monitors your Inverter batteries voltage level as your Inverter runs in backup mode, while preventing your Gen from running, thereby saving you fuel costs. It however sends the Gen Auto-Start command when the voltage level of your Inverter batteries become low or drop to a predetermined threshold level set by you. See how it works in the video.

More info here: EIBIM product page.

How an Automatic ChangeOver or ATS Controls Your Gen and Transfers Your Load Automatically

Featured video shows details and demonstrations about:
1. How Electrokristron Automatic ChangeOver Switch (ACS) or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) operates (full demonstration).
2. Discover what happens when Mains Power fails, how your ACS/ATS starts your Generator and also transfers your Load to the running Generator automatically
3. Explanation and analysis on the different types of Electrical Generator Ignition Systems

See how the ACS/ATS transfers power back from Generator to Public Mains when Mains Power is restored and how your Generator is put on AutoStop (when Mains is restored).

More info here: Place a product order or customize as you wish.

How to set your ATS (Automatic Changeover) to Stop/Off your Gen after a duration of time.

This video shows details and demonstrations about:
1. How Electrokristron Automatic ChangeOver Switch (ACS) or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) can be programmed to automatically stop a Generator after a preset duration of time.
2. Shows what a Gen Duration Timer is and how to set it
3. Explains Remote Start/Stop operations of an ATS or ACS regarding Electrical Generator Ignition Systems

See how your ACS/ATS stops the Generator automatically after a duration of time (Example, 4 Hours) set by you on the Gen Duration Timer available on the ATS or ACS.

Find out about other options you may want to add to your order: Options you can include in your order.

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