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eWeLink App General Instructions for Your Smart Wireless Box, ES-GCU

Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen control Unit, ES-GCU

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Setting Up Your eWeLink App

After you have downloaded and installed eWeLink Smart Home Control app from the app store, locate eWeLink app icon on your phone and open the app

To use the app, you must first create an account on eWeLink app Cloud Servers. To create your account, your email address and phone number are required.

Once your account has been created, you are immediately logged in. On the home screen of the app, click or tap the PLUS sign at the button of the screen to begin the process that will connect your device to the WIFI and hence, the Internet.

On the Add Device page that opens up, select Quick Pairing

On the Select WIFI page, enter the login details (SSID and passphrase) for your Router. This will allow eWeLink app on your phone connect to your phone's wLAN or WIFI.

SSID is your WIFI's or wLAN's name while WIFI password is your passphrase.  If you supplied the right details, connection will be successful. If you used Hotspot on your phone rather than connect through a Router, your eWeLink app will respond that it can not find your network.

Once eWeLink app on your phone has connected successfully to your WIFI or wLAN network, it is now time to connect your Smart Wireless Unit (Your device) as well. To put the device into SCANNING/PAIRING mode in order for it to connect to your existing wLAN or WIFI, you must touch the soft touch switch on the device UNTIL you hear a single beep followed by TWO SHORT BEEPs. Once the two short beeps are sounded, the WIFI indicator on the device changes its flashing style into something more or systematic pulses at specific intervals.

At that point, the device is ready to pickup SSID and passphrase information being shared by your phone's eWeLink app. Remember, your device does not have a keypad by which you can enter WIFI passwords. It is through this pairing process that your eWeLink app shares the WIFI network credentials you entered on it with your device. By the way, the pairing process could take up to 3 Minutes. Please be patient.

Although, pairing may take as long as 3 minutes, sometimes it can happen faster, in less that 30 seconds for instance.

After your device is discovered and successfully connected to your WIFI or wLAN network, it is then registered into your personal account on eWeLink Cloud Servers as well. This is a security measure to ensure that once the device has been registered by you on your eWeLink account, no one else has access or control of the device except you grant such access by sharing device control with them on eWeLink Servers.

The default device name is often unfriendly and boring. Change it to something more fanciful, descriptive or memorable such as 'MY GENERATOR'.

Device renamed to 'My Diesel Generator'.

Once device has been successfully renamed, congrats you have just finished setting up your eWeLink phone app.

Now onto other things.

Testing Your eWeLink App Control

To test your device with the app, as well as configure Google Home and Voice Command, click your device model to continue to stage 3.

Model 1Basic

Model 2Vogue

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