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Public Announcement: New changes effective April 16th 2019

This is to inform our esteemed clients, partners, suppliers and the general online public that effective from Tuesday April 16th 2019, we are employing a number of  operational changes.

These changes have become necessary in a bid to serve our customers better as well as to improve the effectiveness of our general operations  and functions as a corporate business entity.

While the list of changes mentioned below is not exhaustive, the following are some of the most important updates yet.

1. We can now be reached on our new business phone line (Front-desk): +234-9011386383 

2. Old / former phone lines associated with us (Electrokristron Power Systems) or this website (electrokristron.com) may not be directly reachable.

3. Our new official business hours are 8am - 6pm, Mondays - Fridays.

4. We remain reachable through any of the following contact methods:

5. We no longer handle product installations on client sites as all our products now come with standard layouts and well labeled terminals, along with detailed Installation Manuals with descriptive pictures and diagrams for your Electrician/Installer or technical personnel. Product User Manuals are also included for the user or operator.

6. Product deliveries are now handled by our delivery agents and logistics partners.

7. A customer who requests installation services from us (within Lagos state) shall now be referred to our registered installation agents who shall request payment for their services payable by the client.

8. Product warranty on our products remain 365 days (1 year) from the date of purchase, accompanied with printed (Hard copy)  limited warranty document in the product package or box.

It is our aspiration and desire to serve our existing customers and new clients better going forward, and therefore these changes have become necessary.

Should you have questions or concerns not treated by this update, please feel free to Contact Us.


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