Google Home Setup, Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit, ES-GCU

Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen control Unit, ES-GCU

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Google Home Setup

Google Home is an app from Google Inc that helps you automate your home through the use of smart devices.

To proceed to the Google Home setup,  check to see if your phone already has it installed, otherwise you should please visit your app store and download the app

On your phone, locate the Google Home icon and open the app.

The Google Home app welcome screen may look empty. Do not be bothered.

At the main screen of the app, there is a circle at the center with Settings written on it. Click or tap this to open the general settings screen.

At the general settings page, scroll down to locate ‘More Settings’ almost at the bottom of the page.

On the more settings page, locate the ‘Assistant’ tab and click on it. Once it opens, locate ‘Home Control’

This is the page where you will be doing all of your Google Home setup.

On the Devices tab, click the circular PLUS sign to link Google Home to your registered eWeLink account. This allows you to add your device to Google Home for voice control later on.

To begin the add device process, first search for your eWeLink Smart Home Control app

To do that, simply type ‘ewelink’ into the search box.

After searching for ewelink, the app shows up in the result with its full name. Select it.

After clicking on the eWeLink app name in the search result, the eWeLink login page opens up.

Login to your existing eWeLink account which you registered on eWeLink servers during the stage 2 setup.

After pressing login button, eWeLink will prompt you to confirm your action.

Click login again

Once you are logged in to eWeLink servers, Google Home will link to your account and display your registered eWeLink device(s)

After successfully linking to your eWeLink account, the Google Home devices page now shows your device’s name, which in this case is ‘My Diesel Generator’.

Once you can see your eWeLink device listed on your Google Home profile, you have successfully linked your device to Google.

Now onto configuring your device on Google Home at stage 5.

Select your model type to continue.

Model 1Basic

Model 2Vogue


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