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How Much Money Do Power Outages Cost Your Business?

Any amount of downtime during what you thought was going to be a normal business day
affects operations, productivity and of course, your profit. The longer your business is without
power, the more time and resources are wasted, not to mention losing business from
potential leads, sales, and other revenue sources.

It is estimated that businesses relying on power for their operations lose lots of money
annually due to power outages. Additionally, the average power outage in commercial
buildings each week  in Nigeria for instance, lasts anywhere between three hours and eight hours, if not longer.

No matter how long your power outage is, your business can remain open and not miss a business deal  if you have an alternative power supply or backup.
Having two or more independent power sources require a power-source selector switch which is often called a TRANSFER SWITCH or a CHANGEOVER SWITCH.

These can either be Automatic or Manual Transfer Switches (ATS or MTS).

While the the manual changeover/ transfer switch is an excellent device, it might not be able to help you save money (operational overheads)  because when public Utility Power fails or restored, somebody must be on hand to operate the MTS  as well as the Generator.

For those that use the Manual Transfer Switch, It is not uncommon to have power restored yet the MTS Operator is not aware (may be asleep) or not available to change over and turn off the Gen. This results in  fuel being burnt off unnecessarily as generator continues to run even while Public Utility Power/Mains (NEPA/PHCN)  is available. Of course, this is a waste of money!

However, reverse is the case with an AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH.

Unlike in the case above, an ATS will constantly monitor Mains availability while running on generator. Hence, the moment Mains is restored, it checks the condition of the Mains voltage if it is alright. (Normal voltage) and then switches over automatically without user intervention. It goes a step further to automatically turn off the Gen after the power transfer. This not only saves fuel, but ultimately saves you plenty of money through stopping your Gen from burning off fuel unnecessarily and also helps to reduce your generators total usage time which in effect reduces maintenance costs and elongates generator’s life.

What is more? it also helps you save operational time by instantly starting your generator and changing over automatically the moment mains fails.

From the foregoing, it becomes easy for anybody to see how the type of Changeover or Transfer Switch they use on their business premises can have an immense effect on their annual financial budget owing to power outages.

Are power outages costing your business much?

Does your business use an ATS?

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