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Electrokristron, is an electrical/electronics engineering outfit that has been providing effective solutions to numerous Nigerian households and businesses in the areas of power management, control and automation since 2013.

42% or 48% ROI: Calculate How Much You can Earn as an Investor 

We are currently taking  bigger growth strides and welcome you to join us. Invest in the Electrokristron vision.
Two ROI (Return On Investment) plans are available which include 42% and 48%. Kindly choose a plan by using the appropriate calculator below.

  • Plan A = 42% ROI for amounts from NGN10,000 to NGN5,000,000
  • Plan B = 48% ROI for amounts from NGN5,100,000 to NGN50,000,000
Check your expected returns with 42% ROI using the Sliders below

Electrokristron 42% ROI Calculator, ₦10k - ₦5M
Check your expected returns using the Slider below
Choose an amount to Invest
₦10,000 ₦5,000,000
Choose a duration (term)
1 Month12 Months
42% Annual interest applies on your for at per month.
Total payable to You =
View payment transfer info.
Check your expected returns with 48% ROI using the Sliders below

Electrokristron 48% ROI Calculator, ₦5.1M - ₦50M
Check your expected returns using the Sliders below
Choose an amount to Invest
₦5,100,000 ₦50,000,000
Choose a duration (term)
1 Month12 Months
48% Annual interest applies on your for at per month.
Total payable to You =
View payment transfer info.

Why We Need Your Investment:

  1. In the past, we took orders from our customers and built needed solutions for them only on request. Each order usually took 3 days or more to fulfill. Now however, we are aiming to get our products pre-built en-mass as well as enter new markets with instant fulfillment and same day deliveries.
  2. We are making moves to redesign and repackage our products to further meet with international best practices and higher standards.
  3. With better component sourcing from accredited OEM parts suppliers and  bulk purchase of production materials, our products shall much much more competitive and therefore more affordable with  lower pricing  expected to favor our esteemed customers better and hence bring us higher sales and profits in the long run.

Here are Your Benefits for Investing in Electrokristron

  1. As an Investor, you automatically become an Angel to us and we include your name in our Angel Investor’s list.
  2. You enjoy 42% or 48% annual yield (Return On Investment, ROI) on any amount you invest in our current growth projects. To invest in a slot, you may choose any duration from 1 to 12 months and any amount from ₦10,000 to ₦50,000,000 (NGN).  For instance, if you chose 48% ROI and invest ₦200,000, you shall get ₦296,000 in 12 months or ₦248,000 in 6 months!  To have a better idea of possible earnings, kindly use the Investment Calculators provided above to see what you shall get on your intended investment amount and duration. Of course, you may combine unlimited number of Electrokristron investment slots in your account.
  3. As an Electrokristron Investor, you are in control and can withdraw either only your monthly profits or total sum including your principal ( invested amount) at any time you choose after the initial 1 month. You can also re-invest it or close your account any time you wish.
  4. As an Investor with Electrokristron Power Systems, you are provided an Investment Portfolio Dashboard on this website from which you can manage your Investment(s) after you log in.
  5. As new offers and promos emerge, you will be one of the first people to be availed those offers and benefits including amazing product price slashes and coupons.

If you are a foreign Investor from countries other than Nigeria, you may also participate as we are also able to receive major international currencies such as Dollar (USD), Euro, Pounds Sterling (and more).

Got questions or need further details? Kindly feel free to Contact Us

Assured Proof of Your Investment

Upon application and payment, you shall be sent an officially signed Electrokristron Certificate of Investment for your safe keeping as documentary proof that you are a bonafide Investor on and that you indeed invested a certain sum of money in Electrokristron Power Services.

This document along with your payment Invoice and other relevant correspondences from Electrokristron will serve as your value chest until your investment matures and you takeout your payment or stop the account.

Get Started

To get started, fill and submit the application form provided on this page. An Invoice will be automatically generated and sent to your email with details about your chosen ROI plan, number of months and amount. You will also be presented with our corporate account details so you could make the required payment or funds transfer. Once you receive the Invoice, you are to please pay within 5 days so that your Investment Account Profile can be activated for you so you start earning right away.

To proceed right away with direct online payment through Flutterwave secured payment gateway, click the Blue ‘Invest Now’ button below. If you ever encountered any challenges paying through the Blue button below, fill the application form above and make a bank transfer instead. A paid Invoice will be sent to your email address once the payment is successful and your account will be activated for instant earnings. Please, feel free to Contact Us any time if help is needed.


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