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Different end users and sites have varying degrees of challenges or needs and each can be said to be unique.

Designing and building an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Automatic Changeover Switch (ACS) that is suitable for all types of power management and automation scenarios and for every type of customer is difficult and virtually impossible.

The peculiarity that comes with each electrical installation site can be seen for instance, in some of the factors listed below:

  1. * Varying number of power sources to be handled or managed – 2, 3, 4 or more
  2. * Varying number of Generators that are to be remote controlled (AutoStart/AutoStop) – 2, 3 or more
  3. * Required ATS capacity with respect to amount of electrical loads involved – 32Amps, 63Amps, 100Amps, etc
  4. * Type of Generators to be controlled with reference to their ignition systems – Manual Start/Stop, Electric Start/Stop
  5. * Type of ignition switching methods built into the Generators to be controlled by the ATS – Key, Switch, Button etc
  6. * Secondary functions needed on the ATS as desired by User – Generator scheduling or duration timing, over/under voltage protection, Inverter Interface Module, etc

At Electrokristron Power Systems, we know all fingers can never be equal. Hence, an ATS or ACS design that works for someone may not exactly suit your power management and automation needs.

On this site, you will find various product designs that were tailored to suit some of our clients based on their order requests.
To place a custom order, simply use our REQUEST form on this page to send us a request or a description of how you need us to build your product for you.
We shall send you a quote accordingly and then, if the terms of the order are agreeable to both parties, your product will be built and delivered or installed in no time.

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