Product Installation Instructions – Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit, ES-GCU


Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit is an addon product that further enhances your Automatic Changeover’s (ATS) control of the Generator START/STOP operations and general power management automation through wireless connectivity.

For the purpose of this Installation Guide, we shall shorten the the name of the unit to ‘Smart Wireless Unit’ or better still, ‘Your Device’ for easier referencing.

About Your Device

Your Smart wireless Unit helps you control your Generator from anywhere and at anytime both through use of wireless RF remote and  internet connectivity.

Asides other methods of operating your Gen through the device, you can also pre-program the unit to start or stop your Gen at scheduled times or days.
Simply automate your home with the unit and enjoy remaining in control even when you are far away from home on business!


  1. Start/Stop your Generator wirelessly and automatically or manually through Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit (ES-GCU)
  2. Control Gen through App on your Smartphone
  3. Gen Starts automatically when Mains (NEPA/PHCN) fails and shuts down automatically when Mains returns
  4. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android SmartPhones and Tablets
  5. Internet 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI Connectivity (Internet Router required)
  6. Can accept voice commands
  7. Control and view working status of Gen from anywhere in the world
  8. Set daily or weekly time schedule (Schedule Timer) for Gen operation. Example, Run from 6am-8.30am Mon-Fri every week.
  9. Set Countdown timer (Duration Timer) for Gen operation. Example, Set 30Mins then Gen shuts down automatically after 30 Minutes duration ends
  10. Connect and use with your existing Automatic Changeover (ATS) or with a new one
  11. Gen AutoStart Setting: Auto / Manual mode operation based on User’s choice
  12. Compatible with EIBIM for Inverter battery voltage monitoring. Gen Starts automatically when Inverter battery voltage gets low.

RF Remote Control

Comes with and easy to use key-holder sized RF remote control.

All four keys have been programmed to operate your Gen. Radio frequency reception range or distance between remote and Smart Wireless Unit is 20metres (20m).


To enjoy the full functionality of your device, especially for voice command and long distance remote access to controlling and monitoring the use of your Generator, you need to get your device connected to the Internet.

A Word About Internet Router and Your Mobile Hotspot

While sharing Internet connectivity with nearby devices through activation of ‘Hotspot’ feature on your phone may be okay for regular uses, your device WILL NOT connect to your phone’s hotspot because of your phone’s mobile or ‘Move-around’ nature. Instead, it requires a more permanently installed or more ‘RESIDENT-LIKE’ Internet access, which is usually available with home-based Routers.

The more important reason why your device will prefer a standalone router installed in your home as against the use of hotspot on your phone is because when you install an Internet Router in your home, the Router creates a Wireless LOCAL AREA NETWORK or wLAN which is a form of mini internal network with local IP addressses shared out to your  various connected devices by the Router. Once that is done, it then links the network to the Internet with itself acting as the GATEWAY to the public network, the Internet. This means your various devices will be able to ‘SEE’ one another (Communicate) as they are all on the same wLAN network but won’t be able to see the Internet without  the help of the Router as the Gateway to the world out there on the Internet.

Now, because your Phone needs to control  your device and hence your Gen through an app on your phone, it is ESSENTIAL they see each other on the same wLAN, this is why a Router is needed instead of a Hotpot service on your phone.

By the way, your Router can be of any size or shape it does not matter. as far as it can connect to the Internet, create a wLAN or WIFI and share the Internet connection with your connected devices wirelessly through WIFI. For instance in the Routers picture below, we included image samples of a regular standard-sized Router and a pocket-sized mini Router. Any Router size will suffice.

Getting Familiar With Your Device

Your device can be easily installed by following the labels on the back of the unit.

For your convenience, the unit comes with diagrams that help you or your Technician understand how the unit fits into a connection between your Gen and ATS as well as with other devices you may have in the mix.

Device easily fits into your existing ATS-Gen connection.

If the connection was properly done, a Red power indicator on a small panel within the unit lights up when the CONTROL SWITCH on the unit is turned to SMART mode (RF/WIFI).

Identifying your Device Type

There are currently two models of the Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit, ES-GCU:

  1. Model 1Basic
  2. Model 2Vogue

You can easily identify your model type from images below.

The following images show Model 1Basic

The following images shows Model 2Vogue

In the images above, both for Model 1Basic and Model 2Vogue, positions of the WIFI blinking indicator as well as SOFT TOUCH SWITCH are shown.

The soft touch switch is a MULTIFUNCTIONAL switch that both allows you to START/STOP the Gen by touching that portion for about 1sec  (1 Second) as well as helps you pair the device to your existing WIFI or wLAN network. The WIFI pairing mode of the device is activated by touching tthe soft touch portion for approximately 7secs until you hear a single beep followed by two quick beeps. After the two quick beeps, you should remove your finger from the switch.

Any moment you turn the device ON (That is, in Smart Mode) the unit goes into WIFI Scanning mode to find and connect to a configured wLAN or WIFI. This takes a while and for this reason, the soft touch button may be UNRESPONSIVE for about 7 seconds. This is normal and not an error. Afterwards, the soft touch button becomes fully responsive to your touch.

Additionally, this portion also houses an indicator underneath it that initially shows dimly but brightens when the unit switches the Gen on,

The CONTROL SWITCH or Mode Selector Switch as shown below helps you set or choose a mode of operation for your device.

    1. SMART Mode: This is the expected mode for regular or normal use of the unit. In this mode, the unit connects your Gen to your wireless network so that you can monitor it or START/STOP it through app on your phone, voice command it, time-schedule  it’s operations and much more. This position also acts as the POWER-ON position for your device, which means once you turn the switch away from this position, the unit completely turns OFF and all lights on the unit go off. When installing the unit, this has to be turned on after DC 12V power connection so you can confirm you have power correctly supplied to the unit.
    2. BYPASS Mode: This is the basic wired mode for you to completely bypass the unit and therefore allow your ATS communicate DIRECTLY with your Gen through the existing wire layout as though the Smart Wireless Unit were not present. This mode is useful for troubleshooting Gen startup problems or for when you feel the Smart Wireless Unit might certain operational issues requiring attention. In this mode, your RF remote will not control your Gen nor will your phone app or voice command.
    3. OFF: In this position, your device is both turned off from the 12V DC power source as well disconnects the link between your ATS and Gen, At this position, your ATS can not START or STOP your Gen as the communication link has been disconnected. If your gen was running as at the time of switch over to this position, your Gen will stop.

The Green Gen ON indicator on the unit lights up when the device has sent a a Gen RUN (Remote START) to the Gen, This serves as a status indicator on the unit so that you can tell from a distance that the unit has activated or initiated a Gen start command. Once initiated, the light stays on throughout the period of operation of the Gen.

For normal everyday use, leave the device control switch on SMART Mode while both your Gen and ATS should also both remain on Auto modes. This way, whenever Mains power (NEPA/PHCN) fails, the system automatically starts your Gen. As soon as Mains power is restored, the system (Your ATS in actual fact) automatically stops the Gen. In this arrangement, any time you do not want the Gen to start automatically on power outage, turn the ATS control switch to MANUAL mode instead of leaving it on Auto mode.

On the side of the unit is an external Heatsink that helps to dissipate any heat that might build up in the device as it operates. This should feel warm under normal use and there is no cause for alarm.


Installing and Testing Your Hardware

Positioning Your Device: We recommend you install the device close to your installed home Router, if you have one installed already, for steady and strong wireless network connectivity. Also, for easier control through your RF remote, it is ideal to install the device indoors where it can have good reception from the RF remote.

Choice of DC Power Source: As for the DC 12V power source, you may either connect to a SINGLE 12V battery within your Inverter battery bank or connect to your Generator’s 12V battery. Choose which ever is convenient for you, either will work. Please be informed that the device draws very little  current (Only a few Milli-Amps, mA) from the battery and will not run your battery down.

However, you must ensure the voltage does not exceed 15Vmax (12V battery voltage  + increase from CHARGING voltage) when connecting to Inverter battery bank as your Technician might be tempted to connect the device power source cable across two or more 12V batteries in series!

Connecting Gen Control Lines: Usually, Gen control lines or signal lines will connect directly from the ATS to the Remote Start terminals on your Gen. To install this device in the mix, Completely unlink the Gen and ATS. Then connect the ATS control terminals to the ATS SIGNAL terminals on the device box. Likewise, connect the Gen RUN terminals on the device box to the Remote Start terminals on your Gen. That way, the GenStart signal from the ATS will always pass through the device box before getting to the Gen. By intercepting the signal this way, the Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit is able to manipulate the Gen and further enhance your home power management automation better.

Compatible Generator Types: The current models of the device (Model 1 Basic, Model 2Vogue) are compatible with TYPE 1 Generators. Over time, other models will be released to work with other Gen types, such as type 2, 3 and 4. To know if your Gen is type 1 or any of the other types, click here.

After connecting the power and signal lines as indicated in the supplied connection diagrams, it is time to TEST your device.

Testing By Soft Touch

Before testing your device, kindly ensure both your Gen and ATS are on AUTO (AutoSTART, Remote Start, Standby Mode etc) setting. To test your device, your Mode Selector Switch should be put in the smart mode and soft touch button on device touched briefly to turn on and activate the Gen. At this the Green Gen ON indicator will come on. When the soft touch switch is touched again, the Gen ON indicator will go off and the Gen should stop. If that’s the result you get, congrats your device has passed stage 1 of your installation.

Testing Your RF Remote.

Again, ensure the device is on smart mode. Press any button on your RF remote for about a second, a tiny Blue indicator on your remote comes up as you press the button. If the Gen ON indicator was on as at the time of pressing the remote, it should go off. Like wise if it was off at the time of pressing the remote, it should come on. This will confirm that your device has passed the second stage successfully. Now you will be able to control your Gen through RF wirelessly.

At the moment, this is only how far your testing can go. To get further functionalities out of your unit including voice command, long distance control and remote Gen monitoring, we shall now proceed to the second part of the installation. For this, your device must remain in the Smart mode position. Also, ensure your Internet Router is on and with an active Internet connectivity. disable DATA access on your phone and connect to the Internet through your Router. This is important so your device and phone can be on the same wLAN and therefore see each other.


Controlling Your Gen Through App on Your Phone

Before you start, the following are required

  1. Ensure the device has been connected to link your ATS to your Generator as shown in the supplied diagram
  2. Download eWeLink app from Google Play or ios AppStore
  3. Download Google Home app from the respective app store if your phone does not already have the it installed
  4. A functional readily available Internet connection is required for the device through your in-house WIFI enabled Internet Router

Next, visit the appropriate app store to download the needed mobile app(s).

Download app from Google Play here

Download from ios App Store here

Once you have successfully tested your device by RF Remote and by Soft Touch switching, your device has passed stage 1 of the installation.

Next, you proceed to stage 2 by installing your downloaded eWeLink – Smart Home app and clicking next below to continue to app setup.

Click NEXT to continue.

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