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Inverter Battery Interface Module (EIBIM) – Helps Your ATS Monitor Inverter Battery Voltage Level For Gen AutoStart

Electrokristron Inverter Battery Interface Module (EIBIM) is a communication module or an interface between Electrokristron Automatic Transfer Switch (E-ATS) and your Inverter battery bank.

It enables the E-ATS to place on hold the Gen AutoStart feature which is supposed to automatically start your generator on Mains power outage. It instead monitors your Inverter batteries voltage level as your Inverter runs in backup mode, saving fuel. It however sends the Gen AutoStart command when the voltage level of your Inverter batteries are low or at a predetermined threshold level set by you.

See video here: EIBIM demonstration video

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The EIBIM is an upgrade to the EIIM.

What makes this system unique as against former versions includes the following:

1. This one has an inbuilt transformer for its own regulated power source unlike the former models that depended on Inverter battery for operational power.
2. It has an independent input for inverter battery voltage monitoring
3. (I like this part!) It has a digital DC Voltmeter that makes it easy for you to actually monitor voltage levels…both the preset threshold voltage level (No guess work!) and the actual inverter battery voltage level at any given time.
4. It has four (4) status indicators, informing you at all times the current operational status of the EIBIM.
5. It has a switch through which you can choose which voltage level you want to monitor (a) Preset threshold level, while adjusting (b) Current Inverter battery voltage level.
6. Digital TIMER with display for charge duration setting

See video here: EIBIM demonstration video


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