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100A Automatic Changeover Unit for Mains, Big Gen and Small Gen, with Gen Scheduling Timer


100A Automatic Changeover For 2 Power Sources, 3 Phase, Steel Enclosure

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Fast Transition 400A ATS Panel for Mains, Gen1 and Gen2 with Dual 250A Outgoing Breakers

Electrokristron’s 400A 3-power-source (3-in-1) automatic transfer switch (ATS) panel helps you link Mains utility power supply and the supply from your backup Generators to your existing loads or buildings.

Versatile and able to select and transfer available power sources automatically, this intelligent  ATS is also able to Start and Stop your Generator(s) automatically based on Mains power availability and your Gen’s standby mode settings on both the ATS panel and selected Gen.

Comes with dual 250A outgoing breakers for supplying segmented loads or buildings.

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1. This Electrokristron brand and design of 400A ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch / Automatic Changeover Switch) panel is designed to act as an intelligent Robot (with our specially designed, optional ELECTROKRISTRON INVERTER BATTERY INTERFACE MODULE, EIBIM) such that:
(a) It places your selected Gen on hold when Public Mains fails, allowing your Inverter to run for the expected number of hours before the Gen is started automatically upon low inverter battery warning; thereby saving you running costs on Generator fueling.
(b) It Monitors your Inverter batteries continuously to ensure they do not drain beyond a safe preset threshold value set by you, typically 10.5volts per battery
(c) Immediately Inverter batteries start getting drained below the preset threshold level (at 10.4volts, for instance), ELECTROKRISTRON Automatic Changeover starts your Generator and switches over to GEN mode, allowing your Inverter batteries to recharge
(d) As soon as PHCN Public Mains is restored, the changeover unit changes over to Public Mains and stops your Generator, saving fuel, while your Inverter batteries continue to recharge.
2. You can turn off the ‘Gen AutoStart’ feature (AUTO Mode) that automatically starts your Gen on power outage and put the unit on MANUAL MODE which allows you start your Gen only when you need it on.
3. The digital displays on the front of the 400Amps Electrokristron Automatic Changeover panel allows you to check the voltage status of the general output voltage to your loads as well as the Mains supply voltage.
4. It automatically connects your home/office/factory to your Generator whenever public supply fails
5. It automatically changes from Generator mode to Public Mains mode when there is public supply.
6. It automatically starts your Generator when public power supply fails (No need to go out in the rain to start your Gen)
7. It automatically turns off your Generator as soon as PHCN/NEPA is restored (No need to go out late in the middle of the night to turn off your Gen)
8. It can be used to interchange load between various types of power sources including WIND TURBINE/MILL, INVERTER, SOLAR POWER UNIT, between Two GENERATORS, PUBLIC MAINS etc.
9. It can be used on small or big ‘sound proof’ Generators (Tiger, Elemax, MIKANO, Marapco etc), key-start or button-start types
10. Comes with dual 250A outgoing breakers for supplying segmented loads or buildings.
11. Fast transition (instantaneous transfer) from one power source to the other (Example From Gen to Mains).

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