100A Automatic Phase Changer – Replace Mains Cutouts Automatically

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If you live in an area where power supply is erratic and you are faced with the task of frequently and manually changing your mains (PHCN /NEPA) cutout from one failing phase to another, then you need this product.

Electrokristron Automatic Phase Changer is an intelligent unit that monitors all phase supplies (3 phases) to your apartment, shop or office.

It connects you to the public power supply on any of the other available phase connections.

On the event of power outage or phase failure on the existing phase, it automatically transfers (switches over) your load to the next available (working) phase.

It comes incorporated with an inbuilt phase presence monitor that monitors all 3 phases of the public supply lines to ascertain which ones are dead and which are active thereby switching you off dead phases and on to active phases all without human intervention.

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Estimated delivery by: 04/10/2020


* Automatically changes over from a dead phase to a live phase for continued supply of power to your load, building or apartment
* 3 phase supply in, 1 phase output to load/equipment
* Inbuilt phase and voltage monitoring sensors
* Automatic dead phase detection
* Automatic load transfer to live/active phase
* Load isolation switch incorporated (The product can serve as a load isolator, totally cutting off mains power from your load)
* User friendly phase selector switches (to manually select any phase of your choice, this is an ‘Automatic mode’ over-ride function)



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