Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit
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Electrokristron Smart Remote Box

Sometimes, we all just appreciate some extra convenience with home automation. Introducing Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen Control Unit, ES-GCU ES-GCU is an electronic solution that comes as an attachment to your new or existing ATS in other to further streamline any power management automation you may already have in place. It makes it possible for you to control your Generator from anywhere in the world and at anytime through the power of Internet and WIFI connectivy. With ES-GCU and an ATS for your Gen, automating your home’s power management setup…

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Alternative Energy Sources And The Rising Need For Power Management Switches.

When most people think of alternative power sources, they tend to use Generator, Inverter, as well as Solar power as options to go for owing to the fact that Utility Power Supply (Mains) may not be reliable especially in such a country as Nigeria. More so, Technologies have evolved massively which depend largely on these alternative power sources for  homes and offices. Some people have as much as four or more alternative power sources which requires various types or sizes of power transfer switches  (ATS/Changeover), while some have just two power…

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