Using Mobile App To Control Your Model 1Basic, ES-GCU

Electrokristron Smart Wireless Gen control Unit, ES-GCU

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Testing Your Newly Configured App

Your eWeLink app has just been installed and properly configured.

Here is an overview of the app device interface. The app presents you with device control buttons on the main screen after the setup process. Now it is time to get to know your buttons and to test them against your Gen.

With the buttons on your app screen you will be able to start or stop as well as monitor your Gen from anywhere on the Globe through Internet connectivity.

Get familiar with your app device button types and status indications.

Click or tap the circular button directly to control your device with this button type.

View  your OnScreen buttons

Clicking the name bar surrounding the circular app button shown above opens the OnScreen App Button page shown below.

You can control your device from any of the button types

Test the buttons and see how they respond. See how they control your Gen as well as view the feedback color changes you get.

Interestingly, the buttons and background colors give the same appropriate respective ON/OFF status indications even the Gen is not started directly from the app but from soft touch button on the device or through RF remote. This allows for optimum Gen monitoring when you are far from home as you the Smart Wireless Unit sends you a status update when someone at home operates the Gen through RF remote or soft touch.

Additionally, the app sends you a real-time notification message concerning Gen usage anytime Gen is operated as we as keeping a detailed log of Gen usage periods.

If you tested your app and it controls your Gen as well as sends you expected feedback, then congrats! Your device has successfully passed stage 3 or better yet, app control stage.

Now onto Google Home and Voice Command Setup at stage 4

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