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Electrokristron Automatic Changeover Switch

[Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)]

Electrokristron Automatic Changeover Switch (also known as Automatic Transfer Switch, ATS) brings you convenience as a power management panel.

It automatically transfers your loads, building or office to an available power source. It also helps you save on generator fueling costs through system automation that controls your Gen. It is able to automatically START or STOP your Gen based on Public Mains availability or User setting. Place order or get invoice

Gen Ignition Control – “Remote Start”

Our ATS systems come with Generator control switches that allow you put the ATS in Gen AutoStart mode, Gen Stop mode and Gen Manual Start mode.

AutoStart mode puts the Gen is “Standby” mode which makes the Gen start right away as soon as public utility Mains power fails. When Mains returns, the ATS transfers automatically back to Mains and stops the Gen automatically.

Manual Start mode requires the User or operator to go start the Gen (at the Gen house) manually. Stop mode allows the User to stop the Gen at from the ATS point at any chosen time.

Additionally, you may request other features to be added to suit your purpose better.
Such extra features include Generator Duration Timer, Generator Daily/Weekly Schedule timer, Inverter Battery Monitor Module (This starts the Gen automatically when Inverter battery voltage level falls low, and so much more

Orders for 350A ATS capacities and below get free nationwide delivery in Nigeria.

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Different designs, same objectives

Our ATS units help you manage your power supplies as well as save Generator fueling costs through simple system automation.

Got an Inverter installed or hoping to?

Our special Electrokristron Inverter Interface Module (EIBIM), which is an optional addon to your ATS, monitors your Inverter battery voltage levels and sends a signal to the ATS to start the Gen when the voltage has dropped to the preset low threshold. Gen starts, you keep enjoying power and your Inverter batteries start to charge up. Gen turns off after a preset duration of time determined by you.


Phases and Multi-Input Compatible

Our ATS panels are 3-phase and 1-phase compatible.

Got 2 power sources or 3 power sources? We got you covered. Just pick any of our existing models in the ATS product selector below and place your order.

Got 3 generators, Inverter and Mains (4 or more power sources)? Speak with us, we have solutions for your setup too.


Generator Timing

Do you desire to have your Generator run for just a duration of time (For example, 30Mins) and thereafter shut down automatically or do you prefer to have your Gen run only during specific times of day or days of the week (For example, Mon-Fri, 6pm -12am)?

If that is the case, then we can incorporate a Gen Duration Timer (for first example) and/or Gen Schedule Timer (for second example) in your ATS products at a little extra cost.

Of course, your Gen Timers will not interfere with normal operation of the ATS. If Mains power is available, your Gen Timers are temporarily automatically disabled and Mains takes over since it has priority over Generator supply. Gen Timers only work or resume operation when Mains power is not available. Hence, your Gen runs only when Mains is unavailable.

Want the Gen Timing  feature? Email/Whatsapp/Text/Speak with us and we are good to go. For your convenience, all contact details are displayed below at the bottom of this page.

In Love of Plan B

Scared of automatic systems and want to have some level of manual control?

Some of our ATS units come equipped with manual override switches so you could go into manual mode should the automatic power transfer features fail. The MTS option (Manual Transfer Switch or manual changeover) is a backup plan or plan B feature of our special “ATS/MTS Combined” category.

Should the ATS ever fail, you could go into emergency mode by using the MTS or manual changeover switches placed on the right hand side of the ATS until the error with the ATS is fixed and normal operation restored.

Want this feature? Select from the ATS/MTS Combined range in the product selector below.

From Some of Our Clients

Popoola Sola

Simply Fantastic!
“I don’t usually leave a review but this company must be commended. Chris and his team are doing a fantastic work on their ATS products and as well offer excellent customer service.
In December 2019, after the initial enquiry, I bought an ATS from the company (Electrokristron). The ordering was easy, delivery and installation was quick as promised. The product was exactly what I wanted and at a reasonable price.
The after sale service was superb and equal to none. Whenever I have any questions about the product, the team is always happy to help and solution provided within a reasonable time.
I will definitely recommend this company anytime.”
– Sola Popoola | Proud owner, Electrokristron 200A Automatic Transfer Switch


Wariso IbifubaraReliable!
“His solutions are reliable and work as described.
His after-sales support is supper! I recommend him anyday. Thanks Chris.”

– Ibifubara Wariso | LinkedIn

GuruManiaGreat Service!
“I have been using them for 5 years now and will recommend their products to anyone. Great customer support, quality materials and very easy to use …”

– Guru O Mania | Facebook

Electrokristron Video:

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Automatic Transfer Switch ATS from ElectroKristron Power Systems – By user, Cashino NDT

How EIBIM Auto-Starts the Gen when your Inverter Battery gets low | For ATS / Automatic Changeover


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